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Turkey Medallions with Cranberry Port Sauce



Prepare the sauce by combining he wine and red onion. Reduce the wine by half, then add the cranberry juice, cranberries and sugar. Cook until the cranberries are soft and about to burst. Mix cornstarch with juice and add to the hot sauce; thicken to a light consistency. Reserve the sauce on the side. For variations, you may use a combination of lemon or orange juice and zest for flavor and garnish. Adjust the sugar for desired sweetness, and season with salt and pepper.

Remove any tacky membrane from the outer surface of the meat. Slice the breast into 1/4 inch medallions on the bias across the grain, starting with the round end that was closest to the wing joint. Place the medallions between plastic wrap and lightly pound the meat, making it thinner and larger.

Sautéing is the cooking method. Use a sauté pan (bevel-sided frying pan); add a very small amount of oil or nonstick spray to the hot pan (don't use butter, because the pan will be too hot and the butter will burn); dredge the medallions in seasoned flour. Shake off excess flour; add the meat, laying it away from you so the hot oil doesn't burn you; turn the meat once; remove from pan and place on top of the smashed red potatoes; top with sauce.

Note: for other sauté dishes that require sauce to be made in the pan that the meat has been cooked in, remove the meat from the pan, make the sauce, and then add the meat back into the sauce right before service. Otherwise, the meat will broil in the sauce, making it tough. The sauce of this recipe is made beforehand.

Serve with smashed red potatoes, flavored with roasted garlic boursin cheese, buttered sweet corn, sugar snap peas and steamed baby carrots.

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