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Product Details: Created for those who have a passion for fire and spice! It is specifically designed for the sportsman and the home gourmet. At the start of each chapter there is an in-depth description of the essential cooking methods and techniques.  These in-depth descriptions will teach you the concepts behind these dry cooking methods and will enable you to make good logical substitutions and enhance the recipes to your own style, taste and preferences. Table of Contents: Tools and Equipment, Fire and Heat, Glossary, Cooking and Safety Tips, Grilling Recipes, Barbecue Recipes, Marinades, Rubs, Cure and Brines and Barbecue Sauces.Copyright © 2011, by Cache Creek Enterprises.

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“I’ve eaten BBQ everywhere in the nation, and these recipes are award winning!”

Scott Hohensee, (Wildlife Biologist & Manager, Terra Rosa Ranch, McLean, TX.)


“Chef Wutsch is tops in the field when it comes to bringing the great outdoors to the table.”

-Donny Beaver, Owner, Paradise Ranch, Pennsylvania.


“From this Masterpiece of recipes and helpful hints, I can prepare the ultimate meal for my hunters.”

-Jeff Wingard, Wolfpack Outfitters, Montana


“ I didn’t know venison could taste this wonderful…even my wife, who normally will not eat game meat, loves these venison recipes.”

-Greg Strittmatter, Owner, Duckout Camp, Pennsylvania