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Poached Pheasant Breast with Oyster Mushrooms


4 Pheasant Breasts (from two Pheasants)



½ c Apple Juice

½ c Sweet White Wine

2 T Canola Oil


Poaching Liquid

Remaining Brine about ½ c

1 c Chicken Broth

½ white wine


2 c Large cut Oyster Mushrooms

½ Heavy Cream

2 T Butter

2 T Flour

S&P to taste



Prepare Brine by combining everything, inject pheasant breasts, submerge breast in brine. Let brine overnight. To poach, start by placing brine in pan, then pheasant breast, then add chicken broth to slightly cover the breasts. Add mushrooms, butter one side of wax paper and cover. Bring poaching liquid to just below boiling, simmer until internal temp of chicken is 165. Remove breasts and some poaching liquid and cover to keep moist. Add cream to mushrooms/poaching liquid, bring to boil and reduce. Combine the flour and soft butter, slowly add to poaching liquid becomes slightly thickened, reduce until liquid is nice thin consistency. Add breast back to sauce. Serve with pasta, rice, or mashed potatoes.


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