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Corned Venison Potato Rueben


1 lb Cooked Corned Venison

2 lbs Large Potatoes

1 14oz Can Sauerkraut/drained

½ c Thousand Island Dressing

1 lbs Sliced Swiss Cheese

½ lb butter



Cook corned venison using brining method. Chill, shred meat. Cook potatoes with skins on in boiling salted water. Don’t over-cook. Chill overnight in refrigerator. Blend the thousand island dressing with the drained sauerkraut. To prepare, peel the potato and shred on grater. Nice long shreds. In hot pan, add butter, place shredded potato into two round hash brown type patties. Top each side with Swiss cheese, add shredded venison onto one side, kraut mixture on the other side. Top with Swiss cheese. Cook the potato until golden and crisp. Make a sandwich of the two side. Serve with poached eggs or as a sandwich with potato replacing the rye bread.


Corned Venison Potato Rueben


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